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Gain important feedback from your employees, customers and stakeholders to understand their needs and highlight any areas for improvement.

Inspiring can help provide information and data that will drive development and action in your business. When managed efficiently and professionally, the process of gathering feedback from staff, customers and other stakeholders can be the conduit for sharing good practice and ideas for the future.


Some examples of the types of survey we offer:

  • Employee Engagement Surveys will provide valuable insight into the issues, perceptions and feelings of staff, highlight issues and creating an opportunity of engaging with your team.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys enable you to gain vital feedback from your most important stakeholders: your customers.
  • Exit surveys identify the reasons why employees or individuals leave your company or separate from business relationships.
  • 360 Degree Feedback allows you to get detailed and insightful feedback about employees from a wide range of perspectives, including; managers, peers and the individual themselves.

Our approach is to provide business insight tools in combination with a constructive action plan for development, ensuring that the feedback process results in positive outcomes and gives return on your investment.

INSPIRING work in partnership with you and your team, so the entire project will be tailored specifically for your business, from objective setting and question design right through to reporting and beyond. We offer a range of support to help you get the most out of the process, including facilitating focus groups, post-survey action planning and ongoing organisational development.