We can all get a bit stuck from time to time, trying to navigate ourselves through the opportunities and challenges that are thrown our way. These situations demand the clearest of thinking , resourcefulness and most of all trustworthy guidance and support.

Could personal or team coaching help you?

Working with a coach provides a sounding board and critical friend, enabling you to work in a safe place and explore ideas to create a way forward.

Coaching acts as a catalyst to help you think differently from another perspective often challenging unhelpful beliefs and patterns of behaviour and, through focused conversations lead to a clear action plan supporting the change you are looking to achieve.

Inspiring’s Associate Consultant, Karen Ramsay, is a professional coach with over 20 years experience within professional services (Legal and Financial Services) including Telecommunications and Healthcare. If you would like to chat to Karen about how coaching can benefit you or your business, she would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with Karen using the details below:

Tel: 01249 321922 or 07715 639460

Email: karen.ramsay@inspiredtoperform.co.uk.

For more information about Karen’s work, visit www.inspiredtoperform.co.uk