What is your workplace culture and more importantly, what do you want it to be? Cultural surveys equip you with the tools to identify the culture within your business and highlight development areas.

Inspiring Business Performance (10)WHY

The culture of your business directly affects its performance. A strong culture can result in increased business performance. Ensuring everyone in your business is working together, with the same values and business goals, will drive your business in the right direction.

Conducting a Cultural Survey will allow you to:

  • Identify high spots and hot-spots for action
  • Map results to your business plan and values, ensuring a strong link to corporate strategy
  • Provide insight into what people should Stop, Start and Continue doing


The cultural survey could be aligned to your cultural change programme. Understanding and managing your workplace culture is an important part of your business development. The culture within your organisation impacts the happiness and satisfaction of your employees. It also strengthens, or weakens, employee engagement and retention. Your business culture also attracts talent.


INSPIRING’s Cultural Survey helps pinpoint what makes a positive culture: i.e. valuing, recognising and supporting individuals contribution to the company, both from the perspective of the employer and employee.

In addition to identifying your workplace culture, your survey will:

  • Highlight any issues and areas of good and bad practice
  • Identify business needs and how those will be managed
  • Inform business decisions and monitor improvement and progress.

The results of your bespoke cultural survey can be used to inform and track changes in your workplace culture. The survey will give you the insight required to identify goals, values, customs, attitudes and behaviours within your business.


Teaming up with INSPIRING gives you the opportunity to have a bespoke survey created to identify the culture within your organisation. We’ll do the hard work. We’ll create and administer the survey and then provide you with detailed analysis in your preferred format. The Survey design and set up allows you to drill down to look at service areas, specific departments, etc. Our position as an external consultancy ensures confidentiality, anonymity and impartiality, resulting in more accurate results.


Any business can benefit from looking at their organisational culture. Aligning your business culture with your goals will help you to raise performance levels within your organisation. Our clients have reported numerous benefits following their Cultural Survey and Review, including more open and transparent communication, improvement of the appreciation of the importance of teamwork and development of a more motivating work environment.