Employee surveys allow you to gather invaluable insight into your business and operations, and bolster an environment of positive performance and progress. Often some of the most perceptive feedback you can get is from the individuals who work within a business. INSPIRING allows you to collect and collate this information, and bring it together in a way that makes sense for your company.


Tablet mobile cropped shutterstock_269314832Employees make up the bulk of most conventional businesses. Gaining access to the insights of your workforce can give your company indispensable insight into the inner workings of your business. Gathering comprehensive employee feedback on a regular basis makes it easy to highlight any potential issues, as well as areas for improvement.

The level of impact your survey will have on your business depends very much on how you choose to act on the results. When managed well, the process can increase staff engagement, in turn leading to increased productivity and lower staff turnover rates.

Though gathering feedback can be a challenging process for some organisations, the team at INSPIRING have years of experience in employee feedback. We will help you interpret the results, use the information intelligently and identify actions that will help you to move forward.

Download our INSPIRING Surveys Factsheet for more information on the different types of survey available.


When it comes to employee surveys, getting feedback is the easy part. The main challenge is collating the resulting data in a way that maximises its efficacy and gives the most insight. INSPIRING work in partnership with you throughout the entire process, from survey design, testing, communications, launch, response monitoring, reporting and on-going support to make the process as informative and straightforward as possible.

When working with you to create your questionnaire, we place specific consideration on everything from the look and feel of your questionnaire, to the questions themselves. Questions are tailored to suit your organisation’s specific requirements, and can be customised to fit any previous surveys you have undertaken. Benchmarking and measurement procedures will be agreed, to inform business planning and monitor improvement and progress in the longer term.  All our surveys can be completed on mobiles, tablets, laptops or PCs and are compatible with all major operating systems.

The days of collecting employee feedback annually are numbered. Communication continues to reach new heights in accessibility and availability, meaning that collecting more regular feedback is easy and can be much more informative in the big picture. Annual feedback can be beset by discrepancies that can dramatically affect the results of survey. Less opportunity for employee participation can lead to more vocal and time sensitive responses.

We aim to INSPIRE businesses to think outside the box when it comes to employee feedback. Through monthly, fortnightly or even weekly feedback, businesses can collect vast quantities of consistent data that accurately represent the thoughts of their staff.



Employee surveys should not just be used to identify issues. Constantly getting feedback from employees can reveal enormous amounts about a business, on everything from quality of training, team morale and base level reactions to corporate decisions, as well as areas that are working particularly well. By collecting this feedback regularly you will soon be able to gather a comprehensive data set which will allow you to easily measure and compare your results and notice trends.


INSPIRING has been designing employee surveys for 15 years, working with SMEs, multinational companies, schools, charities, local authorities and hundreds of other organisations. Though most companies have a system of employee feedback in place, INSPIRING can bring it to the next level, elevating your employee surveys to give almost unparalleled insight into a business. Every client is different, but our personalised approach means that it is easy for employees and staff to drive performance and progress.