Customer satisfaction surveys are essential to understand your customers and current service level. INSPIRING can help you measure, manage and improve customer loyalty and increase business performance.


Undertaking periodical customer or stakeholder surveys will show that you care about their opinion and that your organisation is committed to providing the best possible service.

What does it do

Inspiring’s survey will allow you to measure customer opinion, identify issues and areas for improvement and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The insights that you gain from your customers could highlight specific service issues or aspects of your supply chain and help you to put measures in place to solve problems or make improvements

How we do it


We will manage the entire process for you, from survey design, testing, launch, response handling and reporting. The survey will be designed specifically for your business, including the questions, reporting and presentation of the results.

The online survey is compatible with multiple browsers and can be completed on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or pc. We can also distribute and handle paper surveys. All our surveys ensure confidentiality and impartiality.

Your results are available within 24 hours of the survey closing and you will receive daily updates on the progress of your survey. We can provide you with an on-line dashboard allowing you to view your results at different levels and we will help you interpret the results and identify actions that will help you to make improvements.

Is it right for me?

Any organisation can benefit from listening to its customers and stakeholders and acting on feedback. Using the results of your survey intelligently will enhance your processes and improve your service and reputation, which have a direct affect on your bottom line.