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Help your employees beat the January blues

20 Jan 2020
Most people agree January is a pretty miserable month. This year, Monday 20th January is Blue Monday – scientifically (or not as the case may be!) the most depressing day of 2020. But in all seriousness, business should recognise the risks associated with not managing employees health and well-being effectively. We’re sharing our thoughts about three subjects that contribute to stress in the workplace and have a negative impact on the well-being of your staff.
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4 key ways to increase personal productivity

25 Nov 2019
In both your professional and personal life, productivity has its place. But why is productivity important?
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Looking after employee mental health and wellbeing

13 May 2019
It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 13th to 19th May 2019, which should give UK organisations a reminder that they need to look at the problems that can arise by not managing employee mental health and wellbeing effectively.
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Is ‘presenteeism’ costing you more than absenteeism?

12 Apr 2016
The issue of presenteeism is becoming a common problem within the workplace, where employees continue to come into work when they are unwell.
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How healthy employees improve business performance

08 Jun 2015
National Stress Awareness Day will be held on the 4th November 2015, designed to raise awareness around what has long been an issue for those in the working world. Employees are facing increasing pressures to balance being effective at work with maintaining a quality home and social life, so its not surprising to hear that 45% of UK employers consider stress and mental illness a major cause of long-term employee absence, according to research by GRiD.
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