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Why being consistent is so important when it comes to people management

10 Oct 2023
You know the importance of having a leadership team that is able to encourage and engage employees. But with different leaders having different strengths, weaknesses, behaviours and personalities, how do you achieve consistency across your organisation and help maintain a positive perception of ‘The Management’ amongst staff?
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How to identify future leaders in your organisation

08 Jul 2021
For many organisations one of the toughest tasks is finding the right people to promote to positions of authority within a company, but how do you know you’ve chosen the right people?
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The Importance of Evaluation in Leadership Development (and how to do it effectively)

04 Jun 2021
In most cases, evaluation is usually carried out towards the end of a process. We do this because want to examine if what we did or experienced went well, where it struggled and what could be done differently next time. But what if this is actually the wrong way to carry out Leadership Evaluation?
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Creating Learning Agile Leaders

02 May 2018
Research from Korn/Ferry Institute assessed nearly 1 million executives and found that the higher up the corporate ladder an individual goes, the more at home they become with uncertainty and change. This is where being Learning Agile comes into play, especially for leadership.
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Developing Leadership with the Johari Window

24 Apr 2018
As a leader, trust and honest communication should be at the centre of what you strive to achieve. Without trust, it will be impossible to work through any complex problems or issues with your team as honest and productive conversations will not be able to take place.
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10 Business Thought Leaders You Need to Follow Today

17 Nov 2017
The online world is a hub of thought development and business insight. But how do you cut down to the nitty-gritty of genuine information? Find the people who have it.
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Nurturing Leadership Qualities

09 May 2016
When you’re looking to grow your business and enable it to achieve its potential, it’s vital that you have a strong leadership team.

Promoting from within can foster a meritocratic culture where employees understand that with the right qualities and behaviours they can rise up the ladder within your company. It can be more beneficial to recruit internally rather than externally because of the smooth transition between roles and increased employee engagement and retention.
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INSPIRING Helps Companies to Take the Lead

06 Oct 2014
An online management tool, which helps to improve productivity, reduce costs and ensure people are working as a winning team, is now available to companies in the UK.
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