Don’t allow your business to become a target for cyber criminals

19 May 2017
This month has seen a global coordinated ransomware attack on thousands of private and public sector organisations across dozens of countries, which should bring the subject of cyber security to the forefront of every organisation's attention.
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Conducting successful 360-Degree Feedback

03 Apr 2017
When used correctly multi source assessment, or 360-degree feedback, is a most useful personal development tool that can be used not just for personal development but also for talent and performance management in a positive sense.  If it is not undertaken independently and confidentially, the process can result in a destructive situation from which it can take some time to recover.
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Develop talent within your team to plug your skills gaps

14 Mar 2017
Competition is immense when it comes to attracting candidates with the best qualifications and skills. So with the cost of recruitment rising all the time, coupled with the on-going skills shortage issues in the UK, there’s never been a better time to spot and nurture talent from within your existing workforce.
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BS 76000 recognises the value of the people in your business

08 Feb 2017
BS 76000 provides a framework for organisations to value people, for the mutual benefit of both parties.
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Help your employees beat the January blues

05 Jan 2017
Most people agree January is a pretty depressing month. In fact, according to Metro, Monday 16th January is Blue Monday – scientifically the worst day of 2017! But in all seriousness, business should recognise the risks associated with not managing employees health and well-being effectively. We’re sharing our thoughts about three subjects that contribute to stress in the workplace work and have a negative impact on the well-being of your staff.
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Reward and recognition of employees without breaking your budget

14 Dec 2016
Rewarding staff is a great way of motivating them and maintaining employee satisfaction. But how can you do so without spending money? We understand that as a business you can’t throw bonuses their way every time you want to say ‘well done’ or ‘thanks for the good work’. We’ve created this article to share some top tips for showing your employees appreciation for a job well done without putting pressure on already stretched budgets.
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Why being consistent is so important when it comes to people management

02 Nov 2016
You know the importance of having a leadership team that is able to encourage and engage employees. But with different leaders having different strengths, weaknesses, behaviours and personalities, how do you achieve consistency across your organisation and help maintain a positive perception of ‘The Management’ amongst staff?
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Why people are leaving your organisation (and what you can do about it)

12 Oct 2016
Understanding why people leave your business and having the strategies in place to deal with issues effectively is crucial if you want to retain your best employees.
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How to identify future leaders in your organisation

13 Sep 2016
For many organisations one of the toughest tasks is finding the right people to promote to positions of authority within a company. These need to be people you trust, and people who you feel will make the right choices and decisions in order to keep the workforce, and the company as a whole, moving forward. So how do you know you’ve chosen the right people?
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Cyber Crime – latest figures highlight the threat to your business

03 Aug 2016
Cyber Crime attacks are increasing, with businesses of all sizes and sectors coming under threat from hackers, fraudsters and overseas cyber criminals.
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