What is Lexcel and why should you become accredited?

Most legal firms have heard about the Lexcel Standard, however many do not understand what it entails and how it can really benefit a legal practice.

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  • What Lexcel is and What it is Not

    In this blog we are going to dispel some of the myths surrounding what Lexcel is and what it is not.


    Lexcel is…..

    • a flexible framework specifically designed to improve the management of your practice;
    • a vehicle for ensuring consistency of approach which delivers efficient client care and matter management;
    • a way of reducing failures in administration and client service resulting in fewer complaints;
    • welcomed by professional indemnity insurers and may lead to a reduction in your premium; depending on your practice’s claims history;
    • a framework which promotes the re-design of your business processes leading to a positive effect on your ‘bottom line’;
    • a means of reducing strategic, operational and regulatory risks including compliance with the SRA’s Code of Conduct 2011 and Accounts Rules;
    • accepted by the Legal Aid Agency as an alternative to the Specialist Quality Mark;
    • an independent validation of your practice’s standards when responding to invitations to tender for the supply of services;
    • a way of ensuring your firm is at the top of the page when a potential client searches on the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor website, either by area of law or by location.

    Lexcel is not…..

    • designed for The Law Society to be able to tell you how to run your practice – all plans policies and procedures are drafted by you to reflect what is best for your business;
    • a visit from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority – your assessor will be independent and assessment findings are communicated only to The Law Society;
    • ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. There is a minimum standard to achieve and the assessment process facilitates the gap analysis which identifies areas to be worked on before accreditation can be accorded;
    • allowed to get out of date. The Lexcel Panel, which is comprised of lawyers in private practice, continually review and revise the requirements of the quality mark to ensure that it remains consistent with best practice;
    • difficult to apply for. IBP, as a Law Society accredited assessment body, is there to provide assistance every step of the way.

    To find out more about Lexcel and how it can benefit your legal practice visit our IBP Legal website, email us or call our Lexcel team on 0800 612 3098.

    Why should my team consider Lexcel accreditation?

    For the first time in May 2015, a tailored version of the Lexcel Standard for in house legal practices will be available.

    Lexcel for In House Legal Practices

    For in-house practices, there are a variety of benefits which can be experienced by achieving Lexcel accreditation.

    Mistakes can be reduced, and efficiency increased, which can be beneficial not only to the legal department but also to the wider organisation within they sit.

    Lexcel accreditation can allow in house practices to test the quality and cost effectiveness of the services they provide and show that they are embracing best practice.

    More and more, in-house legal services are asked to be more efficient and cost effective and many now operate within a commercial environment internally. Lexcel accreditation can enhance this commercial edge.

    Lexcel accreditation can also help the practice to demonstrate a commitment to excellent client care and delivering the best service possible.

    For more information about the Lexcel standard, visit our IBP Legal website or email us at Lexcel@inspiring.uk.com and one of our Lexcel team will contact you to discuss in more detail.