Why should my team consider Lexcel accreditation?

For the first time in May 2015, a tailored version of the Lexcel Standard for in house legal practices will be available.

Lexcel for In House Legal Practices

For in-house practices, there are a variety of benefits which can be experienced by achieving Lexcel accreditation.

Mistakes can be reduced, and efficiency increased, which can be beneficial not only to the legal department but also to the wider organisation within they sit.

Lexcel accreditation can allow in house practices to test the quality and cost effectiveness of the services they provide and show that they are embracing best practice.

More and more, in-house legal services are asked to be more efficient and cost effective and many now operate within a commercial environment internally. Lexcel accreditation can enhance this commercial edge.

Lexcel accreditation can also help the practice to demonstrate a commitment to excellent client care and delivering the best service possible.

For more information about the Lexcel standard, visit our IBP Legal website or email us at Lexcel@inspiring.uk.com and one of our Lexcel team will contact you to discuss in more detail.

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