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Five ways in which organisations can increase their chances of attracting and recruiting candidates

18 Jul 2023
Finding the right approach to attracting and recruiting candidates will increase your chances of filling key positions and gaps in your workforce.
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What is Lexcel and why should you become accredited?

01 May 2019
Most legal firms have heard about the Lexcel Standard, however many do not understand what it entails and how it can really benefit a legal practice.
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BS 76000 recognises the value of the people in your business

30 Apr 2019
BS 76000 provides a framework for organisations to value people, for the mutual benefit of both parties.
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What Lexcel is and What it is Not

24 May 2018
In this blog we are going to dispel some of the myths surrounding what Lexcel is and what it is not.
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How to Improve Business Performance and Productivity with the Deming Cycle

01 May 2018
One of the most straight forward ways of being able to accurately plan for continual improvement would be with the Deming Cycle.
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People Standards – Consigned to The Past? Take Another Look!

20 Apr 2018
Over the last 20 years there have been some well-regarded HR & people standards that have helped to shift the focus to their people. However, today organisations do not appear to have such accreditations as high on their agenda as they once did.
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The effects of poor communication on your organisation

19 Apr 2018
We all know that communication is the cornerstone to any successful business; it is the glue which holds it together.
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Happiness Hacks for Customer Satisfaction

23 Feb 2018
As a business, customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority. From the first initial interaction alone a customer will form an opinion of your business, and decide whether or not they will become a repeat customer. If you think your company could benefit from refining your customer satisfaction methods, here are some hacks to help.
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Things to consider when restructuring your business

12 Jun 2017
Expanding or restructuring your business could mean that you find yourself having to manage some difficult changes. We've put together some of the key points to consider when you’re planning and implementing a restructure from a people aspect.
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Successful Strategic Planning

05 Feb 2016
For a small business, the strategic planning process doesn’t have to be complicated and to prove this, we’ve put together some of our best tips for developing an effective plan.
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