Most businesses are now spending over a third of their income on salaries and staff benefits. You cannot underestimate the importance of talent management. How do you ensure that your business spends its money on the right people?

Key Facts

  • Engage the right people in the right positions
  • Identify key skills required in your organisation
  • Nurture the talent of your employees

Recruitment can be an expensive business, not just financially, but also in regards to time. The right talent management system will help your organisation to save both time and money. Fill your vacancies more quickly, understand which skills you need to look out for, and reduce the costs involved with staff turnover.


Make sure your business hires the right people, in the right positions, at the right time. Engaging the best people for your business will save you money and time in the long run. Once you have the right talent in place, with the help of our systems, you can nurture that talent as your employees rise through the ranks.

INSPIRING’s innovative systems integrate all your performance data, including that which exists within any 3rd party products, to provide one view of talent in your business. We’ll work together to integrate your talent management with your other business processes and strategies, for example your organisation’s budget cycle and quarterly people review processes.

Leadership Employee Index (LEI) can also be used for talent management. Our unique tool will enable you to highlight skill gaps in up and coming managers and help to identify mentors and others suitable for internal promotion. Find out more about LEI.

Working with us to implement talent management within your organisation can help you to become an employer of choice. Use our services to decrease the turnover of good and exceptional performers, minimise losses due to poorly staffed key positions and effectively plan for the succession of key positions.


Join up with us to improve your talent management processes. The people within your organisation are what makes your business. Choosing to focus on your workforce and ensuring you can attract the talent you need will help your business to achieve its goals and drive success.