Is something holding your company back from achieving it’s goals? Do you want to attract the best talent to your organisation and develop that talent within your business?

We can help you to identify leadership potential within your employees and provide you with the tools to develop the skills and behaviours needed to create INSPIRING leaders. Those leaders will have a huge impact on your business, allowing you to reap the rewards, not just for your organisation but for the individuals involved.

Joining forces with INSPIRING will allow you to get the best from your leaders. We offer a range of leadership development programmes including accredited Certificate and Diploma programmes and taught programmes leading to CMI accreditations.

We cover every stage of the Leadership Development process, from skills and performance diagnostics, competency standards, identification of suitable courses, mentoring and support, assessment and qualification, evaluation and ongoing performance management.


The performance management tool from INSPIRING is a tailored system that empowers you to practice good people management. The system promotes individual accountability and supports effective goal-setting and performance reviews. Together we can develop and apply the skills and behaviours that you need within your business for continual development and growth. By setting and monitoring mutually agreed performance measures we can drive improvement in key areas such as revenue and profit growth.
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With performance analysis you can gain real insight into your employees with the aim of increasing productivity in the workplace. Using data analysis, together we can look at current performance and diagnose why employees or teams are not performing as expected. INSPIRING can help you to develop and implement an effective process for analysing employee performance. With our online tools you can help you identify ways to address gaps in performance.
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Talent management is all about engaging the right people in the right positions at the right time. With our help, you can identify the skills that you need within your organisation, reduce the time taken to fill vacancies and reduce recruitment and selection costs. Accomplish your goal of becoming employer of choice. Once you’ve hired the right talent, nurture those employees as they rise through the ranks and decrease turnover of good and exceptional performers.
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