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Talent Bank Solutions can transform the way your organisation manages its complete workforce.

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Recruitment processes can be slow, expensive and don’t always deliver the right candidates. If you are recruiting externally, agency costs are typically anywhere between 15-25% of annual salary. Recruiting internally can be drain on existing resources and create difficult situations to manage. But what if you could create your own Talent Bank, managing your organisation’s work opportunities internally and saving substantial costs on recruitment fees in the process?


Talent Bank is a combination of innovative strategy, technology and services to help your organisation attract and manage talent.

Talent Bank provides a technology platform customised to meet your talent attraction and management needs along with optional support services tailored to your requirements.

By having your own Talent Bank of flexible workers you can attract, retain and share skills, experience and knowledge across your organisation all from one place.

There is also option for fully managed bespoke service, which can include payroll, unlimited temporary staff management and compliance management.


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Working together with our partners at Keystone Employment Group, we will enable you to build your own Talent Bank with a pool of workers across multiple departments and sites. This is achieved through a cloud-based portal offering internal or external job vacancies and temporary opportunities.

The Talent Bank system has complete flexibility to match your organisation’s structure and policies. It can either provide a centralised approach, where a few people in the organisation manage and control the process on behalf of managers, and / or a decentralised approach which empowers front-line managers to build and manage their own pools of required skills and experience.

You will also have the option to commercialise your Talent Bank through a shared services model, by opening it up to other organisations.

Talent Bank is delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which alleviates the burden of software and hardware costs associated with the development, maintenance and support of internal systems. It also means you can get up and running immediately.

Is it right for me?

Talent Bank can be used in different ways. Large or complex organisations with employees spread across different sites or departments can use Talent Bank to manage internal vacancies, contract and project placements or temporary secondments.

Smaller, resource-stretched organisation will find Talent Bank to be a cost effective way of recruiting and sharing talent, whether the need is for permanent, temporary, voluntary or part-time staff. Every organisation will find great value in the detailed management Information which is provided through the Talent Bank system.

At a glance features and benefits



Create your own internal candidate database Promotes staff retention and supports staff mobility within your organisation
Unlimited external recruitment Reduces use of external agencies and saves on recruitment costs
HR feeds to create immediate talent pool Instantly improve your HR management and visibility of staff skills and experience
Flexible technology A web service that allows you to offer job vacancies to a range of job sites and social media
Detailed, valuable Management Information Gain instant insights into your recruitment activity, spend and skills gaps and monitor employee trends and opportunities.
Payroll, timesheet, compliance and on-boarding services A complete temporary workforce solution via a single portal
Rich worker profiles Provide employees with detailed, live and fully validated online profiles to manage their achievements, skill-sets and performance management in one place

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