Inspiring People Index – Good People Practice

Following a period of development, testing and an initial cohort of organisations signing up to take part in a pilot programme, Inspiring Business Performance Limited is proud to launch the Inspiring People Index – Good People Practice.

Inspiring People IndexWhy

Employing a skilled, engaged and productive team undoubtedly contributes to an organisation’s success. Thousands of organisations have chosen to work with people development frameworks and gain external accreditation, investing considerable resources along the way. With assessment costs rising, the question of ‘return’ or ‘impact’ on the business is a common discussion at senior level. However, organisations still want an external view, to help develop and grow their business and to ensure they have the right people on board to do so.


If you are considering working with a people development framework, you will probably be asking yourself these questions:

  • How do we achieve accreditation whilst allowing staff to carry out their role without distraction?
  • How will the benefits compare against the cost of external assessment?
  • How do we ensure our standards consistently high between assessments?
  • How can I get access to a set of tools to address both strengths and challenges as a result of the review.

If you want to know the answers to these questions and have the evidence available to back them up, then it’s the ideal time to consider working with the Inspiring People Index ©.


The Inspiring People Index covers the key areas in which organisations, that want to improve their performance through their people, will need to monitor, develop and increase engagement. The dimensions within the Index are:

  • Vision and Direction Corporate Social Values
  • Leadership and Management
  • Involvement/Engagement and Reward & Recognition
  • Communication
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Learning and Career Development/Talent Management
  • Impact, Risk and Compliance
  • Continuous Improvement

How does it Work?

The process involves one survey covering three levels: Senior Manager, Manager and Non Managers, with the questions varying accordingly.

At a senior level, the survey will include a series of questions appropriate to the level of management looking at the Corporate Strategy, Vision and Direction of the business. Non-Managers will be asked for their views and the impact the organisation’s practices and leaders have on them.

The outcome of this exercise will be that for each dimension an Index Score will be produced, resulting in a Corporate Index Score. Results will be delivered to the organisation via an on-line dashboard which is available 24/7 and all results are totally drillable.

The Indexing surveys will be re-run every 12 months as a minimum and the dimensions and Corporate Index adjusted accordingly.

To support the process, face to face guidance on feedback and next steps will be available.

Organisations will have the opportunity to undertake more frequent monitoring of scores through Pulse Surveys. There will also be an option to arrange a “Development Boot Camp” – a 5-hour session to address the results from the survey and provide the skills needed to improve.

Working with The Inspiring People Index includes automatic membership of The Inspiring People Index Network. This is a live online Network which gives members the option to share their scores in order to learn techniques from each other.

Is it right for you?

The feature and benefits table below will give you a good idea of whether the Inspiring People Index would work well in your organisation:



No lump-sum assessment costs

Smoothing of cash flow

Continual and on-going monitoring of key people indicators

Constant monitoring means no long wait between assessments to confirm you are still on track

The Index sits within your business – it is not an external bolt on.

No need to allocate extra responsibility to staff to achieve/maintain recognition as the Index becomes a component part of your business

24/7 availability of results via a bespoke dashboard

A helicopter view of your business to inform strategic planning and corporate decisions.

Network of all Inspiring People Index organisations which is constantly monitored and updated

Sharing good practice and providing strong developmental opportunities

An Organisation Index benchmark and individual criteria benchmarks

Clear identification of strengths and development areas which will help to improve company image, staff skills, recruitment, staff retention and productivity.

Continuous Impact Evaluation

Visible proof that actions taken are positively impacting on your business, providing robust Management Information and allowing more confident decision making.

Find out how your business measures up through the Inspiring People Index…


For more information about the Inspiring People Index, click here to download the factsheet