Telling your story: how to utilise your firm’s history

10 Nov 2022
Your firm’s history can play an important role in building relationships with current and prospective clients.

Use your firm’s story to share your achievements and past actions which have shaped your business ethos. Include your firm’s origins, information about the founders, how you became the firm you are today and any major changes along the way. Don’t complicate your history with too much detail though.

You can convey the culture and values of your firm by describing how your team came together, and what your common goals were and still are. What was it that compelled your founders to start up the firm? What aims did they have that are still reflected in the way you do business today? How has your team grown and evolved over time? Try to express the personality of your firm through your story.

Your history can be a useful marketing tool. Let your clients know about your expertise and success by focussing on your major achievements. Be honest about your firm’s past but don’t include any less-than-flattering events, unless of course they have led to key successes. Add quotes from employees and client testimonials where appropriate. Don’t forget to use your history on your website on the “About Us” page and in marketing brochures.

As well as attracting new business, you may also want to attract new talent to your firm. If you’re recruiting, prospective team members will want to know about your firm’s history, what kind of employer you are and what kind of clients they’ll be dealing with.  By providing details about your firm’s history, you’ll be giving them the information they need to decide if yours is the type of firm that they can see themselves working for.

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