01 Oct 2022
The Law Society's annual statistics report, published in September 2022,  reveals how the size and structure of the solicitors’ profession has evolved over time.

 Here are some of the key findings from the report:

  • The report identified that as of July 2021, there were 153,282 solicitors holding Practice Certificates (PC), which is an increase of 2% on the previous year. On the Roll of solicitors, there are 209,215 individuals in total.
  • The 2021 report found that women PC holders continued to grow three times faster than men, making up 53% of those practising in the profession. In addition,  the number of PC holders from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds continued to grow, reaching 18% of those with known ethnicity.
  • The number of solicitors working in private practices rose to 97,414 – an increase of 1.5% on 2020. The number of solicitors that are employed outside private practice increased by 7.0% on the previous year, to 33,370.
  • There were 6,981 new solicitors admitted to the Roll during the year to 31 July 2021, which is 3.9% more than the previous year. However, registrations for trainee solicitors fell slightly to 5,495 – a decrease of 2.3%.
  • The number of private practice law firms was 9,020 – 1% less than the number reported in 2020. Partnerships, including sole practices, of law firms accounted for 43% of firms, which is 1% less than reported in 2020.

Other key findings and a copy of the report: ‘Annual Statistics Report 2021’ can be viewed on the Law Society website.

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