5 ways your law firm can stand out with customer service

14 May 2021
IBP's Lexcel team have put together five ways in which law firms can improve client relationships and help increase customer satisfaction.

Research conducted by LexisNexis and Judge Business School, University of Cambridge has found that there is often a significant disconnect between law firms and their clients. Their report included findings that clients have poor visibility from law firms on the work being undertaken, costs and timeliness. The report also suggested that firms need to be ‘moving beyond pragmatic engagements with the client and providing a sense of partnership where the client feels valued and protected‘.

In light of this, our Lexcel team have suggested 5 ways in which law firms can improve client relationships and help increase customer satisfaction.

Manage client expectations

Manage client expectations by setting realistic and achievable goals and timescales. If you say you’ll get back to them by a certain time, keep to your promise. Grab every opportunity to exceed their expectations whenever possible. If your clients know that they can rely on you, you will earn their trust and form good, lasting client relationships.

Be open and honest

You need to be open and honest in your dealings with clients wherever possible. Keeping your clients informed when things happen, whether good or bad, is vital. For example, if you are making changes to your fees, be upfront about them – don’t hide it in the small print. Customer trust is hugely important to loyalty – trust your clients and they will learn to trust you too.

Send out regular newsletters and updates

Send your clients regular updates about your business, relevant news and industry developments that may affect them. You could tailor your newsletters to certain sectors if appropriate by including articles for specific client groups. Other ideas for your newsletters could include industry awards, business wins, client testimonials and team member profiles. In between newsletters, build up your social media profile by posting updates and links and don’t forget to keep your website up to date with the latest news too.

Ask for feedback

Collecting feedback doesn’t just mean you should send out surveys about your service. You can be proactive by starting more conversations, asking your clients at various stages for their opinion on the service they’re receiving. Listening to your clients opens the door for changes and improvements across all aspects of your practice. If you do decide to ask for feedback using a questionnaire, you can ask your client’s permission to use any positive comments on your website and in your marketing materials.

Say thank you

Thanking your clients for their business will help them feel appreciated. Sending an actual letter will stand out more than an email and show you’ve gone to a certain amount of effort. The happier your clients are, the more likely they are to recommend you to family and friends, creating valuable word-of-mouth marketing that helps attract even more clients.


Clients want peace of mind and reassurance when choosing a provider of legal services and are encouraged by the Law Society to choose a firm that has Lexcel, the quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and client care.

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