John Telfer

Managing Director LinkedIn Profile

Managing Director of INSPIRING and head of our team of Organisational and Leadership Development Consultants

As Managing Director of INSPIRING, leading and working with this team is a huge part of my life.

My biggest achievement is the business itself – in that we’ve grown from being a one-product company to offering  multiple services across a wide spectrum including top level consultancy and development. I’m not one for ‘Ivory Towers’ though, so I also head up our team of business development consultants and enjoy being out on the road with them, meeting and chatting with clients and getting to know them and their businesses.

Being a Geordie, my other passion is Newcastle United – that’s a team I’d really like to be more of a success! By the way, I was shown in the crowd on Match of the Day for a full season and I was filmed falling off a barrier at a Newcastle match!


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