If you choose an ISO implementation package for your organisation you will benefit from a simple to use management system and the services of one of our experienced ISO consultants. Our packages have been designed to help your business comply with internationally recognised standards.

Key Facts

  • Ready-made, standard specific system
  • Ideal for smaller organisations
  • One-off cost


ISO implementation packages from INSPIRING are very simple to use. They are specific to the requirements of the relevant standard(s) and are built in Microsoft’s Excel format so are straightforward to install and use.

Contained in one main spreadsheet, the system is accessed from a single “Main Menu” which has on it a number of ‘buttons’ which are hyperlinked to the documents or records you need to be compliant with the relevant standard.

Where the company does NOT have existing documents in place, the system contains a range of helpful templates which can be easily modified by the customer.

We offer ISO implementation packages for the following three standards:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems
  • BS OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Packages cost £1050 + vat each. Each package is available individually or any two or all three can be combined at multiples of £1050.

Packages include 2 things:

An Excel based ‘management system’ specific to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001 which includes:

  • A ‘Quality’ manual
  • A set of objectives and targets
  • A register of legislation, standards and regulations
  • Templates for measuring management system performance, e.g.customer satisfaction
  • Bespoke service delivery procedures
  • Processes for controlling documents, records, nonconformities, corrective / preventive actions and associated templates
  • Internal audit and management review processes and associated templates
  • Induction, competence and training records
  • A new supplier evaluation process & assoc. records
  • Infrastructure maintenance records

and 1 day of an ISO consultant’s time to:

  • Start to customise the system to the client’s own way of working, creating new documents and/or linking existing documents to the system
  • Explain how to update and maintain the system
  • Explain how to ‘use’ the system to support the business
  • The client will also be left with an Action Plan outlining work required to fully populate all relevant parts of the system
  • Discuss implementation timescales with regard to the ‘evidence’ a client will be expected to demonstrate at a subsequent, formal ISO Assessment


We offer a ready made system compliant with the respective ISO / BS standard. The system/packages are STANDARD specific, so are suitable for organisations of any size in any sector, although they are ideal for smaller, less complex organisations, particularly those without dedicated people/roles

For just £1050 (+vat), you will receive an Excel management system PLUS 1 day of our consultant’s time to help you understand the system and its functionality as well as to customise it to your organisation’s ways of working. Our consultants are qualified ISO auditors so are best placed to help your organisation with its preparation for ISO assessment.

Customisable templates are available or your company’s existing paperwork/documents can be linked to it…or a combination of both can be utilised. The system works like an ‘electronic filing cabinet’ which brings multiple, possibly disparate, documents together into one space, accessible via a convenient, user friendly ‘Main Menu’.

Once installed, the system requires little maintenance, thus minimising the amount of time needed to keep things up to date. Via an appropriate IT network, access can be given to any staff who require it. Other than a reasonable IT competence and an understanding of MS Excel and Word people don’t require specialist IT skills in order to be able to monitor, manage and/or maintain the system.

The system sits on the client’s own IT system/server, so once installed the client owns the system meaning they have complete control of it. There are no ongoing hosting, access or licence fees etc…the basic package price of £1050 is all the client needs to pay.


These ISO consultancy are NOT included in the standard £1,050 package offer/price. Whilst you will be provided with sufficient instruction to enable you to run your management system, these services can also be provided if desired:

  • Completion of / support with “internal audits” and “management reviews”
  • Internal audit/auditor training
  • On-site support during (formal) assessment and/or surveillance visits
  • On-going advice and support including system updates to cover any changes to actual standards or legislation and regulations

NOTE: This is an implementation package only and does NOT include assessment.

Assessment and certification costs are in addition to implementation and will be quoted by and are payable to the chosen certification body.

INSPIRING does not deliver ISO assessment but we can help you choose your certification body so that, once satisfactorily assessed, you can obtain a UKAS accredited certificate.

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