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INSPIRING Helps Companies to Take the Lead

06 Oct 2014
An online management tool, which helps to improve productivity, reduce costs and ensure people are working as a winning team, is now available to companies in the UK.

John Telfer, Managing Director of Inspiring Business Performance Ltd, said: “Strong leadership is crucial to any organisation’s success. By letting INSPIRING take the hassle out of organising this performance monitoring, not only will your company receive clear direction on how it needs to improve, but our team of consultants may also address issues that may be uncomfortable for colleagues to address with each other.”

INSPIRING recommends running a diagnostic survey with the leadership team to start with, as an effective way of measuring behaviours and performance. INSPIRING will arrange a face-to-face interview to discuss why the company feels they need help and what they want to achieve.

An indexed questionnaire is then prepared based on the key areas of managerial roles within a company, which is sent to the clients or colleagues of the leadership team to be completed. INSPIRING then collects and collates the responses to the survey, which can be sent out online or as a hard copy, and presents the results as an objective and focussed team and personal development plan.

INSPIRING’s survey effectively highlights the true strengths and weaknesses of senior management, allowing evaluation of current leadership performance and identification of areas that require attention; analysis of leadership strengths and weaknesses in detail; assessment of the impact of leadership drivers that focus on core development areas e.g. age, cultural differences, length of service etc, and if relevant, comparison of leadership results with previous surveys.

INSPIRING can also provide one of their experienced consultants to present the results of the survey back to a company in an unbiased way, helping to show whether individuals are in the correct roles and improving the whole team for the future.

For further information, email info@inspiring.uk.com or call 0800 612 3098.

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