8 fundamental questions to gather feedback and gain insight across your organisation.

F8 SurveyWhy

F8 is an easy to use, on-line survey for organisations who want to gather the opinions of their staff in an efficient way. It allows your staff to give their opinion on how your organisation’s people practices impact on them, in a totally confidential environment.

What does it do

F8 is an inexpensive alternative to more complicated employee surveys, which typically include 40 or more questions. By asking 8 key questions (plus 1 free text comments question) you can get a view of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and highlight areas for development.

How we do it

The entire process is simple, confidential and takes minimal time.
1. After signing a succinct agreement with Inspiring, you will be given a link to your survey.
2. You send an email to your staff inviting them to complete the survey and providing them with the survey link
3. Completion of the survey will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.
4. At the end of your survey Inspiring will interpret your results, producing a Key Note Report of the findings that will be emailed to you within one week of your survey closing.
5. Next steps will be agreed with you so that an action plan can be developed and you can communicate the results to your staff.

How much does it cost

The price for the entire process, from signing the agreement through to receiving your Key Note Report at your feedback meeting, is £500 plus VAT.

If development work is undertaken with Inspiring within 3 months of completion of your F8 survey, this amount will be credited against the price of the further work undertaken.

Should no further work be undertaken with Inspiring, or if more than 3 months has passed since your F8 survey closed, then you will have gained valuable insight into your people and your organisation, obtained a Key Note Report and an action plan for improvement.