Embracing Diversity and Inclusion will have a positive impact on your organisation. In fact, those that fully live and breathe Diversity and Inclusion and include it in all aspects of their business are more likely to outperform their competitors.

Why is diversity and inclusion important?

Inspiring Business PerformanceTo become an organisation which really values its people, you must have a culture which recognises and respects peoples’ differences, whatever they may be. Diversity and inclusion needs to start at the top of your organisation, with leaders demonstrating its ethos at the highest level if it is to become embedded into your organisation’s culture.

Organisations that embrace Diversity and Inclusion and create a positive, supportive culture will experience tangible benefits, including:

  • a reduction in people turnover and a decrease in recruitment costs
  • an increase in productivity and performance
  • higher motivation which will positively impact on productivity
  • an engaged workforce who will go the extra mile for your organisation

A new framework for diversity and inclusion

BSI Valuing People Diversity and Inclusion – BS 76005 – is informed by and supports the principles contained in BS 76000 standard for valuing people. It has been developed to support organisations in embedding diversity and inclusion into their culture and everyday practices. It provides recommendations for influencing and aligning diversity and inclusion expectations, describing measures and principles aimed at changing business behaviours.

The BS 76005 framework focuses on three main aspects:

  1. How diversity and inclusion can be valued in each of the three phases of the employee life-cycle, i.e. from recruitment to employment to moving on.
  2. The issues of diversity and inclusion between organisations and their clients, supply chains and the communities they have links to.
  3. Leadership commitment and behaviours required to value diversity and inclusion

The framework provides organisations with the means of developing their own objectives, behaviours and measures for capturing the effectiveness of their approach to diversity and inclusion.

Support available

Inspiring offers consultancy services to help you develop plans, policies, processes and of course people in relation to Diversity and Inclusion.

The steps to certification include diagnostic and implementation through Inspiring, after which the certification body, Centre for Assessment will take you through the audit process:

  • External Audit
  • Report & Continuous Improvement Record
  • Initial Certification
  • Annual Surveillance Visits
  • Re-certification

Talk to us today about how Inspiring can help you work towards becoming an organisation that embraces diversity and inclusion through achieving BS 76005 certification.

The BS 76005 standard is available to purchase from the BSI online shop.