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BS 76000 recognises the value of the people in your business

30 Apr 2019
BS 76000 provides a framework for organisations to value people, for the mutual benefit of both parties.

People management standards such as Investors in People (IIP) have been around for a long time now and many organisations have benefited from working within their frameworks. However, the new Management System Standard, BS 76000, looks to go a step further by providing organisations with a complete view of how people processes fit into organisational strategy, highlighting how both employees and businesses can benefit from developing and maintaining excellent working relationships.

There is always room for improvement, and our experience tells us that even those organisations that spend considerable resources developing and engaging their workforce can experience issues with perceptions of fairness or consistency.

BS 76000 aims to address this by offering a structural approach for organisations to develop a management system which can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Anne Hayes, head of market development for governance at BSI, describes BS 76000 as “an over-arching management system standard that helps organisations to assess what they already have in place and address any gaps. It is the chance for those organisations which already demonstrate good practice to achieve recognition and gives those which are committed to improving, a framework to build upon”.

The BS 76000 standard was developed by experts from industry bodies, employers and unions, and refined by a 100-day public consultation. Care was taken to ensure that senior management was balanced with potential users, those representing workers and small business owners. The result is a standard which applies to organisations of any size, sector and at any stage of maturity. The BS 76000 standard is available to purchase from the BSI online shop.

INSPIRING now provides BS 76000 support in addition to our ISO consultancy services, all of which are delivered by our team of qualified ISO consultants.

If you would like to chat to us about how Inspiring can help you work towards achieving BS76000 certification, call us on 0800 612 3098 or get in touch using the enquiry from on the left.

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