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Return rates can depend on many things and vary between organisations. There is no set return rate and we have seen return rates from 50% to 97%. It often depends on the culture of the organisation, how open they are and how well communicated before the survey is taking place. Inspiring’s benchmark for successful completion is 60%. Below this level, we advise that the results may not be seen to reliable enough. We can always extend your survey close date if the expected return rate has not been reached, plus we can offer our advice on how to obtain the best possible response rates for your survey.

Links to all the relevant documents and supporting information can be found on our IBP Legal website – take a look before applying to make sure you have everything you need in place. Once you are ready, you will need to apply to the Law Society using their application form. The Law Society will forward your application to us if you specify that you would like Inspiring to carry out the work.

A set of questions were included in the Towers Perrin 2003 Talent Report and subsequently in their 2005 Global Workforce Study to determine employee engagement levels in line with the above items. Inspiring have drawn on this set of questions to create our own ‘engagement index’ and have used these when designing employee engagement surveys for many of our clients, ever since we began providing employee surveys 13 years ago.The scores from our engagement index provide a useful reference to help organisations put their own results into context. For those organisations who have undertaken repeat surveys with us, it’s usual for their scores to improve year on year across the engagement index, especially when they have implemented an action plan following their survey feedback. Our engagement index average scores are changing all the time as we conduct more surveys in which these questions are included. For more information, read our article on Benchmarking in the Resource Hub.

The CMI levels relate to the level which is recognised on the Regulated Qualifications Framework. For the CMI qualifications we offer, these are:

  • Level 3 – A level/BTEC equivalency – aimed at first line managers, team leaders, supervisors or co-ordinators
  • Level 5 – HND/Foundation Degree/Degree equivalency – for middle managers or operational management.
  • Level 7 – Post-graduate equivalency – for senior managers and strategic management

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